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You think I want the credit, I don't 'Cause the glory aint made for me, no…

You think I want the credit, I don't

'Cause the glory aint made for me, no

- Jonathan McReynolds

This year I am committed to freedom and boldness like never before. I have to warn you that may mean that things get a little weird around here. I am going to share my thoughts as they come because that's what this platform is for. I love the Lord. I love the Lord’s people. I love our unique talents and attributes. And I appreciate our quirks and differences.

Having said that as I typed Jonathan's name one of the first things I thought about was KevOnStage and the ongoing beef the two of them have which is hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about Google "your grandma prefers me" You'll thank me later. The second thing I thought about was where might that last name come from. I'm not going to research it because I would rather imagine a history behind it. That's way more fun! And I am willing to wager that the last name very well may have been changed somewhere down in history. I bet If someone looked back far enough there is a McDonald there. I bet. But I digress.

One of my earliest memories of Jonathan is the love that my favorite girl, Laura Wilson Johnson showed him when he was a judge on Sunday's Best. It made me pay attention. I immediately noticed how much passion and excitement he had for the artists unlike some who seemed intent on cutting them or bringing them down a notch. The next memory that I recall about him is Mr. B not being able to distinguish his voice because it's not traditionally deep. It was this conversation that sparked us digging into his catalog and we were blown away. Several jaw dropping moments happened due to the notes, the melodies, the musicianship, and the worship. It was all just so good. Not long after I started following JM on IG and liked him even more. Johnny Mac as Kev refers to him is lots of fun. He loves the Lord, he loves basketball and he loves a good joke. My kind of brother.

The lyrics above are from his song Not Lucky, I'm loved. This is a light upbeat song with heavy guitar vibes and it's just cool. It lends itself to the GODfidence that I talk to my girls about. It's not something we should ever take credit for because if we're honest it's not our own. It is in God that we live move and have our being. We can do nothing without Him. We can be nothing without Him. Success completely escapes us without Him.

Luck is not even a consideration to the Believer. Nothing happens to us by chance or circumstance. God is on our side so He sets things in motion for our best outcome at all times. Even when things look dark and dreary, there is light ahead. We always have a rainbow after our storms. THAT IS SO DOPE! That is truly amazing. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He only wants good things for our lives. He wants us to live more abundantly. He wants us to prosper. He set a system in place that we would want for nothing and we could ask Him anything in His well and it be done for us. Just like that! Love. Indescribable love. Our blessings don't lie in the stars, nor the cards or even the stones. We aren't people of luck. We're people of love.


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