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Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme... And put your car on cruise...

Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme

And put your car on cruise

And lay back 'cause this is summertime.

- Fresh Prince, Will Smith

With all this talk of slaps, attacks, punishment, and bans I just want to get back to enjoying this summer. I just want to think about sandals, sunglasses and sundresses. I'm ready for drives with the music blasting and a tall drink in the cup holder. I'm ready for smoothies and virgin daiquiries. I'm ready for a cute swimsuit and a big sun hat. And even more so than that I'm ready for the violence to stop. I'm ready for the hate speech to stop I'm ready for the divisiveness to stop. I'm ready for us to come together, as people, to go beyond our race, culture, background and experience to meet together on common ground for a common goal.

This song and the silky hook has been the urban anthem for years. You hear it and you're immediately transported to a backyard barbecue at your cousin's house. Your uncle is on the grill and if your aunties are like mine, after they make sure the salads and cakes and pies are out so you can grab what you want, they are ready for a cold drink and a spades game. The only fights here jump off if you renege on a book or keep talking "across the board". This scene is what it's all about. Leaving worries behind and enjoying laughs and good food with people you love. If there is anything we need more of it's these types of scenes. Not the tragic scenes in the media. Not comforting mothers and children because their hearts have been stolen by another senseless death. I'm ready for more joy and less pain.

As I reminisce my heart goes out to Will. Right or wrong, good or bad you can't deny this man's commitment to his family and to his craft. My hope and prayer for him is that he take the time to practice the self care and soul care that he needs. That's my prayer for fathers all around the world, especially Black fathers. Rest my brothers. Go after the peace you so desperately desire. Go after the real love. Go after the dream. Buck the system. Chart your path. Be the real you. Take off the mask. Burn the costume. Go find your Summer. Make the shift.

I'm ready for a shift in our world. A major one. Is it just me?? I'm ready for the overreaching arm of capitalism and greed to stop. I'm ready for those of us who have bought into the system and are oppressed by the system to dismantle the system. I'm ready for us women to stand up and speak up. I'm ready for the oversexualization of women and girls to stop. I'm ready for wholesomeness to return. I'm ready to celebrate graduations and proms instead of funerals. I'm ready for family reunions to happen at the barbecues and not the funerals. I'm ready for neighbors to be neighbors again.

I'm ready for real joy to come back on the scene. I'm ready for peace.

I'm ready for the glowing vibes of the sun to glow in our heart. I'm ready for that glow to warm us to a place where we don't want to see any fellow human without. I'm ready for us to stake our claim. The claim has to be for pursuit of love and not a pursuit of money. The claim has to be for restoration and unification. That's what I want to lay back and cruise to. Can we get an extended summer like that? I think after the past two years we've earned it. You think management will read this? atb

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