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It's not one or the other It's hard truth and ridiculous grace To be known fully known and loved…

It's not one or the other

It's hard truth and ridiculous grace

To be known fully known and loved by You

- Tauren Wells

In life we have a lot of choices, tons of them. I'm sure I've written somewhere in some blog or some post about the thousands of choices we make over the course of one day. I did that research and I'm not going to look it up again you could find it for yourself with Uncle Google. LOL. But one choice that I'm so elated that I do not have to make is between being me and serving God. My goodness what a relief. It's not an either/or, it's not one or the other it's both and. Like an wonderful sandwich or a brilliant entrée - things that are amazing put together side-by-side to become one even more amazing thing.

Two things that I love and will never give up for anyone ever ever ever are my God and my Self. If I'm being honest it took me a long time to get here but now that I'm here I'm never leaving. I've found that God gives me grace in every area of my life to navigate every challenge to come out victorious in every battle. Grace is the power to do. It's the sense and sensibility to apply what I've learned to my life and build a future for myself. God knows me inside and out and He loves every inch of me every milligram, every drop of sweat every eyelashe that's out of place, every curly strand of hair that's braided down or gelled down under this wig. He loves it, He accepts it, and He uses it. He uses it for good. He calls it a blessing to others. He has made it a tool of deliverance for His people. He put it on a Billboard and He did not ask my permission. That's just like Him.

During a tough and misguided season in my life I took the one-sided advice to vote for me not realizing what that uninfomed decision meant. Now I vote for God at every hand because I realize a vote for God is a vote for me. When I keep God first everything else flows from there just like it says in His Word. It can be a hard truth when you don't fully trust or fully understand God, but that is His will. He desires us all to make Him a priority so He can in turn make us what He wants us to be. Beautiful, grand, brilliant and healthy.

The older I get and the more I experiences I have the more grateful I am for the things that God allows me to see and the people He allows me to meet. I'm so grateful for the revelation and instruction as well as the perspective He has given me now. I can look at my phone, on my laptop or my tablet and see like-minded, spirit-filled, Christ-centered people all over the globe. We're not in the shadows anymore. We're not weirdos, we're not freaks or fanatics. We are the norm. The great revival is happening right now. We have been set up for a major come back. The global pandemic with the covid virus shut so many things down- churches, businesses, ministries and individual relationships. But what it did to a great many of us was light a fire up under us. It made us get quiet, centered, and serious again and I love that. We had to face some hard truths and confront past hurts. God has spoken. What God has told us in secret is being exhibited publicly for the world to see and I am here for it.

The people of God are everywhere! We are in the highest offices, we are in the highest income brackets, we are doctors and inventors, we are artists, we are creatives. We are lawyers, we are investors we are philanthropist. And we are loved. Fully loved so that we can spread that love everywhere. If you know this is your truth and I'm talking about you in this blog you are BLESSED!

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