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Just a few more weary days and then... I'll fly away

Just a few more weary days and then

I'll fly away

-Staples Singers

I decided to take us all the way back this week. Hand clapping and foot stomping that your mama and daddy used to do- I'll fly away Written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929. I’ll Fly Away is said to be the most recorded gospel song in history, with artists of all genres coming up with their own renditions. This classic hymn with its uplifting lyrics is also commonly used in worship services by different Christian congregations and denominations.

The Staples Singers are probably best remembered for their song I'll Take You There, but before that they recorded I'll Fly Away. This song let's us know that we don't have to be afraid of death. There will come a time when we will wake up on the other side and it will be a glad morning. We have heard our grandmother's saying streets paved with gold, the pearly gates we'll enter, and wearing a crown fully accepting our royalty.

I used to imagine what it would be would be like. I thought about "everyday being Sunday" and not having to worry about work or answering to a boss or watching the clock or anything like that. But instead just worshipping all day. Always singing praises to the Lord, always in fellowship, being forever in His house forever, in His kingdom, and not having any worries.

Even as a young person that appealed to me greatly. Because I had so many ups and downs in my childhood with financial uncertainty. I was very intrigued by the idea of heaven and leaving a wayward world behind. Many of you know that a few years ago I actually had a near death experience and during that time I honestly prayed for death. I was hoping it was the end. I had had my fill. It wasn't just stress, it wasn't just frustration, it was sickness. And not just physical sickness, it was mental and emotional distress. My heart ached everyday. I didn't understand what my life was and I did not want to continue with the current state of things. I was in and out of hospitals and fairly helpless. At least that's how I felt. But God stepped in and did something special for me. I was super excited at first because I thought He was calling me home, but apparently it wasn't time. Instead He allowed me to take this unique journey through things that I had never seen or felt. He was giving me a testimony, my own resurrection story. He allowed me to visit a heavenly garden where I saw vibrant lush grass and beautiful flowers. I saw smiling faces and families frolicking. I laughed as I typed that because 'frolick' is not a word that I use very often but I don't know how else to describe the people that I saw and what they were doing.

There was such joy, such peace, such serenity. It was literally out of this world. Grateful is not an adequate word for what I feel to this day reflecting on the experience. Gratitude doesn't quite grasp the thankfulness I have in my heart. Because I know just a little bit of what I'll get to see again one day. And beyond that I grabbed that peace and brought it back with me. Now that has turned into hope. Hope that there is a reward at the end of this road. It's also turned into love. A love that I can share even with strangers because I'm so fully loved and known and cared for. It's overwhelming. It's the best thing in the world. One day those that have accepted, believed, and confessed the Lord will take up our wings and fly away from here to a place that's brighter and more beautiful than we can ever imagine. In the meantime I'm choosing to soar right here where I am. atb

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