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You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue'... Cause every moment gone you know I miss you

You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue

'Cause every moment gone you know I miss you

- Rhianna

I feel like it will be 2055 and this song will come on in Walmart and I will perform an entire dance number right there in my scooter chair! LOL. I'm just keeping it real! And if I get too hype I really might begin yelling: It's not healthy for me to feel this way...

God forbid I end up crashing or running over some young person's foot. All I could repond is: Y-O-U are making this hard...

I'm so tickled writing this. Rhianna is my girl. The Beautiful Black Billionaire mogul! I'm a fan. Almost as big a fan as my husband, but that's another topic for another day. He actually was the one that made me listen to her more and actually get into her musicality. She's dope. The cadence and timbre of SOS is probably manufactured because it was so early on in Rhianna's career, but it's just so good. This is a modern classic. It's gonna be around forever. Google says it was released in 2006 and a decade and a half later I'm still listening to this in my car and while I work out. Besides how do you not love a song that effortlessly throws around words like "incessantly". My girl can go high and low and I love that. I am that.

I also dig the say whatever do whatever attitude Rhi had at her musical peak. She was giving us fashion and party girl and lover of her friends. She was giving us protector of those close to her. Wow, in this very moment I'm realizing how much alike we really are. That's almost certainly why I didn't like her at first. I was like who is this new chick with Jay-Z? *Insert blank stare* But she rocked her way into my heart. She made a name for herself and a mark in the world that can't be erased. Goals, right?! I absolutely love that she made her real wealth in business and not music. She didn't have to sell her soul to have be the biggest name. She just lived her life out loud and made investments in things she cared about. And of course I give her major props for having quality beauty products and garments for women of all sizes and incomes. That's super dope and a huge win in my book.

This is why she has an army of fans. This is why it happened for her. I just have a ton of respect for Rhi. I know deals had to be made behind closed doors; I know the boardrooms got tense. But she did it y’all, she claimed a corner of the market and turned it on it's head. And she did it in the middle of a global pandemic! I'm seriously in awe and I'm excited for myself and sisters like me who are coming behind Rhianna. We too overcame poor or rough starts. We too can come back from relationship trauma, public ridicule, and overwhelming criticism. We can really give the people something to talk about as we continue to rise doing what we love. I'm proud of Rhi, grateful that I get to see all that she's doing, and I'm just as excited to see what will happen with me. I look forward to the days when a young blogger will write about my beginning: living with family, messy relationships, late to IG, avoiding TikTok, not tech savvy, trying to find the right hashtags, trying to keep my wigs fly. It's always something. My goodness! Rhianna's story is my story. Still unfolding. I'm confident this story is moving from cautionary to extraordinary. atb

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