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When every day's just another struggle Every choice is an act of war.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

When every day's just another struggle Every choice is an act of war.

- Jamie Kimmett

If you couldn't tell by now let me tell you BOLD statements move me. That's why my business name fits so well, I'm just a bold kind of chick. Prize Worth Fighting For by Jamie Kimmett is a great song, with very contemporary Christian pop vibes. It puts you in the mind of old school Justin Beiber. It makes you snap your fingers, smile and bop your head along. But when you dig deeper into the words and ideas presented you realize that there's some serious stuff to peel back.

"Every choice" is strong language in this light and airy hook. Thinking about choices in the broad sense is one thing, but drilling down and thinking about the specifics definitely takes it to another level. Studies suggest that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions per day. Per day. Over 200 of those decisions are food related. Let's just process that a minute. This means that we are almost constantly in a subconscious tug of war between this and that.

Should I say this or that?

Should I eat this or that?

Should I wear this or that?

Should I post this or that?

Every choice is an act of war! And when you bring relationship and group dynamics into play that just multiplies everything. War at work. War at home. War at the grocery store and the fast food drive-thru. That means that up to 35,000 times a day or even more, we have a chance for victory. We can crush it in life and we can do it together. We can kick fear in the rear or punch it in the face. Whatever it takes.

That war note in the song really cranks it up a notch for me. Growing up in the midst of a lot of violence, it's very easy for me to relate to the idea of daily fights and the mindset it takes to maintain that. It's about survival. It makes me remember when as a young teen I still had some timid ways and a lot of uneasiness about who would accept me. I didn't understand why some people didn't like me for no reason and why some would try to bully me. I hated that some friends would turn enemies overnight. But I decided early on that I wouldn't be fake trying to win some popularity contest. I wasn't going to act one way with one group and one way with another. That meant at a young age I would experience some losses. The war had began and I hadn't got the memo.

I didn't know that I was marked already. And I certainly had no idea that this would go on every single day until the very end. But the great thing about being a believer is even when you're in the fight of your life, your struggles come with confidence. We know that we don't fight alone. We have special equipment and backup. Everything is rigged in our favor, which is not fair but it's super dope because we're on the winning side of it. Nothing can successfully come against us as we are designed from the very beginning to win. Understanding this has completely changed my outlook on life. Now instead of asking questions like Why me?" or "Why can't I catch a break?" I choose to look for the lesson. I choose to look for the people or the tasks I'm supposed to serve in those moments. Knowing that you're already the winner when a fight presents itself to you is priceless. You operate differently in that you understand that no matter how many hits you have to take and no matter how much pain you have to endure when it's all said and done you will out score, out rank and surpass whatever and whomever your opponent is.

This isn't necessarily a dance track, but the stance is something to sing, dance and shout about. atb

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