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What does it take to be number one? Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

What does it take to be number one?

Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers - Nelly

In 2001, I was a senior at the great Howard University, I had just become a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Life was busy but treating me quite well. This was also the time DJ Quik was enjoying heavy rotation with the soundtrack that backed Denzel getting his first Best Actor Oscar. The Training Day soundtrack Put It On Me featured our lyrics for today with our friend Nelly. I know you're thinking Tee that's a lot of testosterone and aggression and you're right, but I am feeling it right now. It's the adrenaline rush of going after the gold (and the goal). It's the thrill of snagging the top prize. It's an amazing feeling that you have to experience to fully understand. It's a natural high.

Nelly had always been the cute melodious thug among my friend group. That was our term for a street guy who liked to sing and rap. We were all feeling him from the beginning. Of course around that time we were hot in the clubs and so was he so it kind of made sense. And now in my 40's and thanks to Instagram he has caught my eye again. In fact this is my new favorite song of his, #1. I'm always thoughtful when crafting my Instagram story. It honestly takes up too much time, but last week when I was doing a music search to get a good song for my story I came across this gem and I've been rocking to it ever since. I came about doing the search because I was laying the groundwork to top the charts on Amazon with my brand new book The Patient Is Wearing Lipstick. This is my tell-all memoir that shares intimate details of my struggles with my health and my marriage.

My aim was high and my hope even higher; I knew we could make it happen. Don't get me wrong this isn't a statement of arrogance. This is a statement of confidence in my work and confidence in my village. So going into this I had no doubt that we could make it happen- I was prepared to put in work and put my people to work. Then my brain and my emotions started to double team me and not in a good way. At one point in the day I felt like the man that swam halfway to shore but quit in the middle- I wanted to turn around. I almost wished I never went for it at all. But before the night was over God came through with the win. The Patient was the #1 New Release!! The very first day of the second quarter it happened for us! And just like that I became a two-time Best Selling Author. I'm convinced that God did it for Himself.

That was a wow moment and I have to admit I cried like a baby. I said something to one of my sisters that you can look forward to me repeating more. LOL. I said, God doesn't care about accolades, He is not caught up in status, rankings, and numbers. But the world that needs to know Him is and that means He needs to have His people get them. God's people need to be the top performers in every market. We need to let our light shine as we collect our prizes and dividends. Not simply to impress, but to impact. We need it as a tool to allow people to see a different side of God. It's time to talk about more than hellfire and brimstone. People need to know some Good News that will sustain them and heal their hearts to prosper them. They need to know what will unify their families and relieve them of past trauma. This is it. GOD is #1 and He allowed me to have a glorious moment because I chose to be genuine, transparent and obedient. What an amazing feat.


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