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Thought I Was A Donut, You Tried To Glaze Me.

Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me.

-Eric B.

Eric B. is a hip hop legend and like many great artists, dropping new stuff makes new fans appreciate the old stuff. For me of course all roads lead back to Howard University especially when it comes to hip hop and culture. Shout out Bison. It was freshman year 1997-98 and I was all about hip hop. So much so that guys trying to romance me asked when do I ever listen to R&B or slow jams. I just rolled my eyes. So when Eric B. and his team came around promoting his new album that was coming out right before my 18th birthday I was hype. I was excited to listen and grab his poster to hang up in my dorm room. Fun fact I learned was masking tape is the best for hanging posters because it's sticky enough to hold but won't peel the paint. No repair bills for me please. The quote on his poster became one of my signature lines that year and it wasn't even from the new music. Thought I was a donut you tried to glaze me. Yessssss.

I adopted this because it fit me so well-then and now. My friends can tell you, then I was very outspoken and never ran from a fight. Whenever there was a problem with a guy, someone at the club, in class or anywhere I was always front and center. I'm a quick thinker with a big mouth so I was born to lead. As a young lady stepping into my independence and adulthood I was not to be played with. It still holds true today. So when Eric spit the line with bass in his voice and conviction I felt that. I was like, "Word!" Because what's not going to happen is me getting finessed or taken advantage of- except that one guy that sold me those fake Martin tickets that time. Ughhh! I still roll my eyes when I think of that. But back to this dope line.

People will do to you whatever you allow them to. The statement is rugged, and urban, but it goes beyond the streets. Put yourself in it. This can just as easily be applied to the soccer mom or the chick in the boardroom. Whether we're talking life in general, business or even relationships, if you don't own your space and make your own choices you will get glazed. You might as well go over to Dunkin'. I made up my mind as a teen that it wasn't gonna be me. Especially once I left my mama's house, I would not be bossed around by anyone if I could help it. Having an overbearing parent really made me fight against authority in almost every area. I would find reasons to go against what was asked of me. But that just wound up costing me lots of time and money. I learned those lessons and grew out of that mindset. Now I hold my ground and assert myself when necessary, but I reserve my energy for necessary fights. I'm not going to waste my time and breath fussing with a girl at a cash register. I'm going to save that energy for fighting hopeless and defeated mindsets in people I'm connected with. I'm going to save that energy to speak truth to the powers that be when things need to change in my community. I'm going to use that energy to share empowering and uplifting messages on all the platforms I have access to. That's just another example of a 180 degree turnaround I had to make in order to get more joy out of life. My horizon expanded so that I make sure that not only do I speak up and stand up for myself, but for others as well. None of us has to get worked over, except by Jesus. atb

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