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There are no words...There’s nothing left... So our love sings to You

There are no words There’s nothing left So our love sings to You -Maverick City Music The level of love and adoration expressed by Maverick City Music here is so deep that it pulls you in and takes over you. To be so in love that you can't express it in a spoken language is a wow moment. To arrive at the place where your heart has to sing because there are no words is almost outside of our understanding. It's an absolutely overwhelming thing. This is what it means to enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise. When I hear Most Beautiful/So In Love performed it's almost as if I'm standing with TSA at the airport. These blessed souls stand before us and they bare it all. Not naked, but transparent and clear. Just as if they were on that conveyor belt going through to get x-rayed. That pure posture gets me every time. At least at my church. The worship leaders there are trained well and they show up full for us. It has gotten to the point that when I hear these amazing songs that take me to such heights during our services then when I hear the same song on the radio or YouTube by the actual recording artist I don't always enjoy it quite as much.

That's not the case with Maverick City though. I feel their heart and soul like I do at New Beginning on Sundays. That's real worship. Heart piercing life changing worship. The atmosphere can't stay the same when this kind of reverence happens. Even as I'm typing this and listening to the song I had to stop working and just send up my own exaltation. And when it was time to finish this post I had to turn the song off so I could concentrate on sharing with you. Even still my spirit is singing, my soul is smiling and I have such peace. As my Dad would say I've taken off. My Spiritual Father loves Christian musicians. He has a special place for them in his heart because his mom was one and so was he. In fact that was the beginning of his ministry, a gospel singing group called The Shining Stars. His mom taught him how to sing when he was just four years old and he learned harmony very early as well. When he got older and wiser he was a lead singer, then became a pastor and would even sing with his children. But it was his mom who trained them in their musical gifts when they were very young. Right now before he preaches his sermons on Sunday mornings Dad gives the Praise Team great accolades. He says we have to appreciate them because they pick us up and take us to a special place in God's presence where we can receive our instructions and blessing. That is so powerful. Through song these bothers and sisters of ours lift us up and position us for greater. They carry us on their backs in the Spirit. They humble themselves and push past what they have going on personally to break through to us. In their worship they peel back the layers that will prevent us from receiving life sustaining Word. Spiritually we take flight, but unlike at the airport we don't have to pay extra fees or wait in long lines. All we have to do is open our hearts. If I'm honest some weeks that is more difficult than others. Certain conversations and interactions can weigh heavy on me at times. Dealing with family and clients and friends can be taxing. But what I've learned is that I can't waste the encounter. I can't take the chance of remaining wound so tight and bound up by emotional baggage that I miss what I need to prepare me for the week ahead. Especially because for all I know I could face an even larger or more stubborn giant in the days to come. So if my brothers and sisters can commit to show up full I can commit to show up open. My prayer is that after reading this someone will walk into their Sunday worship service with a different mindset and different heart position. Real worship leaders have a very important job and we owe them gratitude. There are no words that would be adequate. But let me say it is beautiful, actually marvelous in our sight.


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