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Somebody prayed for me...

Somebody prayed for me they had me on their mind took the time and prayed for me. - Dorothy Norwood

Game changer. The best art is art in which you can see yourself. The best art is art that you can relate to- it moves you it evokes something in you. That is the case with this now old Now old school song. Every Black church in America knows this song and knows it well. This is the song that I chose many many times to be the intro for my Thankful Thursday Powerful Prayer series that I share on social media. It was an instant classic and I can't count on both hands and both feet how many times in a given month my church family in Maryland and I would sing this at the top of our lungs.

We were jubilant. We were rejoicing. We were grateful. There's one particular line that will get us all fired up and it says Jesus prayed for me. That is both mind boggling and empowering. The Lord, the Son of God and Savior of the world took the time to talk to His Father about me. That is simply amazing.

Some 25 years later I'm ⁹still so grateful that someone, a whole host of someones, took the time to pray for me. I'm telling you that without those prayers there is no marriage, there is no ministry, there is no Mindset Midwife. Without all of those prayers none of that would have materialized. I've shared this before on different platforms and I don't do it as self deprecation or even as a scared straight thing, but in the spirit of transparency and authenticity. I am nothing if not genuine. I was able to do a 180 degree turn, able to fully commit every area of my life to Christ because someone prayed for me. Someone cared for me and someone taught me the benefits of prayer. The reason that I can stand in any room with any audience bold and obedient, on fire and on purpose is because of prayer.

The Bible talks about a wise woman building her house and so I know that the opposite is true meaning a silly woman tears her house down. I was once that silly woman. There was a season in my life where I was in sabotage mode. I took everything personal, I wanted things a certain way and I felt like if things didn't go exactly my way people didn't love and respect me. And "people" included my husband. So my household was a wreck. And yes it takes two to tango so I am not letting Mr. B completely off the hook, but I initiated the love and the war in the house. It was not balanced or aligned with what God had called us to be and we were both miserable. But with prayer and re-commitment we have been able to rebuild stronger than ever. At the very foundation of that is (you guessed it) prayer.

My mother and my mother in law, my my sister, my church family, even my cousins and friends all prayed for me. I can imagine that some of them didn't even have the words at the time. I know I didn't. But those prayers hovered over me, wrapped around me and helped shift me into a place where I could go to God to truly become healthy, wealthy and wise. I went to Him and told Him that I wanted to be used. And He responded, "Finally!" He had been waiting for me all along. My joy, my creativity, my rest, and my finances have all increased least after I re-committed. This transformation has been priceless. It's the power of prayer.


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