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So no matter what comes or goes... One thing that you must know... Is that I am good, you are loved.

So no matter what comes or goes

One thing that you must know

Is that I am good, you are loved.

-Travis Greene

Good and loved by Travis Greene and Doe Jones is just good music. Period. It has the added benefit to being a praise song about the One and Only Savior Jesus. But honestly it could have been about chicken noodle soup. It's good y’all. God is good and He has people everywhere doing everything to make sure that we are covered. The way these voices and instruments came together for this is something really special for me. I'm in awe and so very grateful. What I want everyone who reads this to understand is that inspiration and instruction are real things. The Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of individuals who allow Him to do so. And the results are beautiful stories and sermons and art like this. Whew it's good. My goodness we are so loved by God. He's just that good. He literally has all the bases covered. We don't have to guess. We don't have to wander around. We don't have to figure things out on our own. He's always there. In our hearts, in the people we meet, and yes in our gifting, and in our art. The Holy Spirit is always talking and nudging us in the right direction. We were lost without Him, but God put a plan in place before the beginning of time so that we could be one with Him. If there is one thing that I know is that God is good. And He is that all the time. Happy doesn't adequately describe it. Blessed doesn't adequately depict it. His love is so big and so wide, so deep and so vast. I don't know how to feel about it. I am honored. Of course I have human connections that I value. I have been extremely fortunate to link arms with some strong sisters and brothers in the faith. We support each other and check on each other and it's both genuine and fulfilling. I so needed that in my life. I have been mistreated, misunderstood and miserable at times. But through it all there has been and still is one constant. No matter if I'm up or down, no matter if I have acted good, bad, or ugly. God has remained. God's arms have always been open wide toward me. He has always whispered wisdom to me, even when I refused to listen. Always by my side. Always a fire to light my way. Always a shelter to surround me. Always. I had to really understand His goodness and along the path to uncovering this truth I am learning more and more about the fullness of His love. His love is real and it's unshakable. When He said no one can pluck me from His had He meant it. When I gained 80 pounds, when I drank heavily, when I started falling asleep in church He still chose me. When I put everything I had been taught about God on the back burner to go after money and clothes and "adventure" He still chose me. When I forgot who I was He sent subtle reminders. When I made the biggest mistakes of my life and they came crashing down one by one He was with me all the time. All I had to do was stand still and know. There's something about the Knowing. Knowing this overwhelming, all encompassing love has been MAJOR for me. It was a game changer. I move through the world differently now. I walk with assurance and Godly confidence. I'm not proud, puffed up or arrogant- I'm just sure. He's my Lord. I'm His and He's mine. I am sure.


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