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Now let us have a little talk with Jesus. Let us tell Him all about our trouble.

Now let us have a little talk with Jesus

Let us tell Him all about our trouble.

-Cleavant Derricks

Just A Little Talk With Jesus is a gospel song published in 1937, written by Cleavant Derricks and recorded by many.

For this post I decided to credit the original writer of the song. Because far too many artists have recorded this tune. One that I had absolutely no idea is Elvis Presley. I was almost hesitant to even list his name here. I only do so for shock value because I certainly was taken aback. But as he was widely known for racist comments against Blacks will not speak on him any further.

I guarantee you these lyrics are known not only by you, but your mother, your auntie, your godmother, your uncle, your grandpa, everyone. Everyone that has spent any real time in a Black church that is. Especially a Southern Black church. All of us have been in testimony service and one church mother would start to sing this song. Everyone will clap their hands, tap their feet and think about what prayer has done for them.

If you have read any other post here then you know I love a song that takes me back to a memory and I know I have lived the words. In my darkest moments as well as the most joyous occasions I've experienced, I have always had to have a talk with my Jesus.

There was never a time when I felt abandoned nor neglected by God. I was just opposed to how He was doing things. At one point I was all confused. I thought that I had taken some bad steps and He was just letting me wallow in the mess that I had made. But that was not the case. He was simply waiting for me to turn the corner. Waiting for me to elevate my thinking a little bit. I was thinking too low. I was thinking lowly of myself and of Him. I had to step it up so He could step in.

And the people He put in my life to help usher me into that space were nothing short of amazing. Yes that's one of my favorite words, but it fits them to a T! They wouldn't let me give up. They were there for doctor visits and dragging around oxygen tanks. They were there for gaps in memory and slow talking. They were there for all of it. My family and my church family. My heroes.

The closer we get to the holidays the more excited and the more grateful I become. Not just for the food or the gatherings. Not just for the gifts. But because I am still here. I remember the holidays that I spent in the hospital away from everyone. I was laid up with tubes plugged into everything and my mom sneaking food into me. I remember crying because I thought my marriage was over but my husband remained there by my side through my illness. I'm excited to be able to share and love on the people closest to me. And I'm always excited to share my story. God gave me a testimony. I was complete undone. I had given up on life. At first I resolved myself to being miserable, then I tried to end it all. But just a little talk with Jesus made it right. He made everything alright. I took my burden to Him and the moment I stopped trying to control the outcome and maneuver all the steps in between is the moment things started to turn around for my good. All I had to do was exchange my will for His. All I had to do was let go and trust Him. I had to understand that He was listening and He did care and He wouldn't let me fall. He heard my cry. Just a little talk with Jesus made it right.


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