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Nothing comes from talkers but sound.

Nothing comes from talkers but sound.

Tevin Campbell

I was watching Netflix last week and a show with active and activist young people featured the song Round And Round by Tevin Campbell. It was a musical episode which I hate, but them choosing this song made it bearable. It took me back to my teenage years and I smiled. Most of the kids performing the scenes weren't even born when this song was popular. That made me laugh as I tried to figure out the point of what they were doing. I don't think I got it, but as an adult of a certain age I get Tevin's point crystal clearly. And so I say to any young person that will listen don't wait to be great, do it now. Learn and grow now. Learn what you like. Learn who you are.

You can talk all you want to but what are you doing? The Coach in me wants to ask you (no matter your age) what are you doing about your life, love and business? What impact are you having on those around you. Doing nothing is a decision. Staying complacent in one position is a decision. This world is going to be changed by the doers not the talkers. Immediately I laugh as I remember being called Mouth Almighty. I love to talk. I'm just excited that I get paid for it now. I can talk live, on video or on the phone all while making an impact along with an income. That's a blessing. That's a big deal. It's actually a huge deal to someone that usually has great confidence and support but still struggles with her inner self critic. That ice troll that is always questioning me and making me think I'm not worthy still lurks around the dark places of my mind.

So to combat that I have unleash my voice. My voice matters. My voice can be a launching pad for someone. My voice can be medicine for someone. My voice can be a miracle for someone. I know it's true because Bishop TD Jakes' voice is a miracle for me. Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr's voice is a miracle for me. I aspire to be that and more. I spent a long time in a stuck place and it's my desire and mission to get anyone I can reach out of that at place. I laugh because over a year ago I had a client to nickname me the Tow Truck because she said I pulled her out of a bogged down place where she simply couldn't move forward. I am blown away that people will see God in me and value what He has to say through me. It's mind boggling.

Just a few years ago it was unfathomable that this would be my life. I was back on my money kick and living impactful was the furthest thing from my mind. So when I say my life had done a complete 180 degree turnaround I mean it. I'm just grateful that I had another chance to get it right. Just talking, sit around waiting is a slap in the face of God. That's keeping the gift He gave us in a box on a shelf instead of opening it up, enjoying it and sharing it with the world. If God wasn't as patient and kind as He is, He could easily say "How dare you?" So that's my statement to you reading this- how dare you sit on what God gave you? How dare you just talk about what you could do or what you would do? How about you go out and do it! Do your dream. Do your purpose. Give the speech. Write the book. Take the flight. Book the gig. Do it. Do it all. We think we have the luxury of time but we don't. Time is not our friend. Time is precious and one day it's going to run out. What will be said when your time is done?


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