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It's just another manic Monday... I wish it was Sunday.

It's just another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday. - The Bangles Did you catch that I covered all women this month? I wanted to see who was really paying attention.... Anyway, for those that may not know or may be new here I LOVE my church! I love my church family. I love my pastor who is my Spiritual Father. I love it. Some might say that that is just "extra" or I'm trying to be "holier-than-thou" and I promise you that's not the case. My family and close friends will tell you I make it my business not to put on a front for anybody. I'm straight up sometimes even to my detriment. The Bangles said they wish it was Sunday and when I tell you I feel that- I feel every bit of that! Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week. That's the day where I get to go to a place that has changed my life. I can openly rejoice with family who loves me and helped nurse me back to health spiritually. I will forever be grateful for this place and these encounters. Let me also say that as a certified life coach who specializes in motivating women and entrepreneurs, I take issue with the first part of the lyric. I work everyday to undo that attitude. I have made it my mission to create a culture of spiritually centered independently wealthy women who love Mondays. I love Mondays! It's my busiest and sometimes most fruitful day of the week. For a solid year I shared with my Chosen Chick sisters memes targeting all their Monday mood. My aim was to shift us into an understanding that Monday is a mindset and Monday doesn't have to be manic. It can be magical, it can be marvelous, if we decide to put our positive pants on and go about crushing our goals. Once upon a time I suffered with the Monday blues. I had come down with snooze-button-tis. Have you ever woke up early, everything lined up for you to be on time but you hit the snooze button so many times you wind up late?? That was my life for years. I'm a quick learner who will follow instructions as given. I never had an issue with performance at a corporate job. I was often recognized for my work ethic as well as my my skill. But none of that was fulfilling for me. I was grateful to have jobs with good missions. But there was always something missing, something that made me hate Mondays. It was only after a traumatic set of circumstances on my last traditional job that light was shed on this for me. What was missing was purpose. I was working hard day and night to make someone else's vision come to life and I was not tapped into the vision God had for me. I can't explain it but there was a pull on me. I was totally unsatisfied and it was frustrating because I just could not put my finger or what it was. But one fateful day I laid it all down at God's feet. I told him that I was tired but I was willing to do things His way. I promised that if He stepped in that I would not turn back. My life has never been the same! I have never been more fulfilled. I have never had more joy. I've never slept so good at night. I have never been so in love with what I get to do everyday. Notice I didn't say have to do, notice I didn't say made to do, I get to do this I was created to do. I was created to be a life changer. I'm so so grateful that my Manic Mondays, for me, are a thing of the past!



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