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It's breaking new ground in me. You spoke your truth into the lies I let my heart believe.

It's breaking new ground in me. You spoke your truth into the lies I let my heart believe. -Tasha Layton

Look what you've done Tasha Layton is one of those songs that makes me almost have to pull my car over when I hear it. It's just that good. I laugh as I write this because I still hear lyrics very differently than what they are... Like in my mind she says Look what you've done TO me but the lyrics say look what you've done IN me. I also tell myself that she says look what you "made me do." But I know she actually says look how you made me new. (Hallelujah! )

Music is so much fun for me because the pictures are painted and I crack myself up when I think of my interpretation and fun translation as opposed to what the artist is actually saying. What are they thinking when they stand behind that mic and say those words?

For years men came in and out of my life and did things to me. They manipulated me. They imprinted on me. They confused me. They used me. I was looking for love and they didn't mean me any good. Then came Jesus. I thought I knew Him before, but this was different. I had to get to know Him in a better way (I know that's a totally different song!) The Lord invaded my space. He did something when I least expected it and He was right on time. My heart was becoming dark and cold and I believe the Lord looked down from Heaven and in His wisdom, He decided to give me hope and a future.

I was on the path to becoming a vixen, a side piece, and God knows what other foolish thing. But before I could He pierced my heart. He made just enough room to shine some light in my darkness and turned everything around for me. It started from the inside out. That's how live now. Instead of becoming what hurt me I got healed. The Truth was speaking louder than the lies that had swirled around my head for years. My focus shifted in a whole new direction. Instead of becoming callous and closing my heart off from everyone I looked in the mirror and decided that the Chick looking back at me was worthy of real love, genuine love. I stopped wallowing in self-pity.

The reason I'm so serious about my life with Jesus is because I was a dead woman walking and drawing near to God made me live again. I was literally born again. And you might get in trouble if you go telling your pastor this, but... it happened for me more than once! I strayed off the path several times and the Lord ushered me back each time. Each time He washed me and cleaned out the trash in my head and my heart. Mentally and emotionally I was dying. Failed relationships almost took me out. I work hard, play hard, and I love hard. So breakups were tough for me- even when I was the one initiating the ending of the relationship. I later realized it was because I was inviting men into places in my soul that were reserved for God. And one day when I thought the end had come, I mean the real end as in buried and gone forever, I committed FULLY to doing things God's way. I yielded my opinions, my plans, my everything to Him and I told Him what the Bible said. Of course He didn't forget, but I reminded Him that the Bible said that He would fight my battles, that He would provide for me, that He would direct my path, that He wanted me to prosper. I told Him I needed Him to do all of that and if He did I would not jump in the driver's seat again. Not only that I would tell everybody of all that He has done.

That agreement holds strong today. I've never wanted for anything. I've never been overwhelmed by dark forces. The enemy did everything that he could do. But look what GOD did.


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