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I put my faith in Jesus... My anchor to the ground...

I put my faith in Jesus

My anchor to the ground

My hope and firm foundation

He'll never let me down

-Maverick City Music

I'm just going to put it like this: I reserve the right from this point forward to cover anything and everything by Maverick City Music. Period. I love these kids! I consider them kids because they are so youthful and zealous but I really have no idea how old they. Either way these are my nieces and nephews in my head. LOL. Their talent is secondary to their. love for the Lord and love for worship. It oozes out of every note that they sing and play. I can only the rehearsals and the sessions when they are pulling these songs together. I can only imagine the deliverance that takes place, the aroma that reaches Heaven. The final product that they put out for Us as an audience and as a body of believers is just superb. I cannot even look or listen for musicianship or musicality because I'm so overcome by the worship.

This particular song, Promises, I have listened to literally hundreds of times. This has been a go-to when I'm working out. This is a go-to when I want to want to immediately enter into the worship space. This gets me there every time. And it's guaranteed at a certain point in the song that there will be tears. I am always stopped dead in my tracks because I am so grateful. The Lord's faithfulness never runs out. That is such an important message because I know what it's like to feel burnt out, tired, and want to give up. I know what it's like to want to cut someone off or cancel them. I know what it's like to have to turn my back or leave something alone for whatever reason I have made up. But God is not like that and I'm grateful.

He is always looking for reasons to do more for us- ways he can reach us, messages he can get to us, Creative ways to get glory from us. He sends little tinder reminders that He's there and He loves us. He reminds us that we are fully accepted and fully loved. His promises are Yes and Amen. His promises are true. He never made a promise that he didn't keep. He sacrificed Himself to fulfill the promise of hope for us. He laid down His life to give me the promise. He turned the world upside down so I could receive the promise. He allows me to learn of Hm to get revelation so that I can hold on to the promise. He gave me a voice so I can speak of the promise. He gave me a Passion so I can get excited about the promise. He gave me Purpose so I could be the promise. His plan has always been bigger and more beautiful than mine. He is faithful.

To help you understand how much I love this song, I shared it with favorite singer in the world Laura Wilson Johnson and my other favorite singer Terrell Presley, and even my Spiritual Dad, Bishop Presley. I have individually and openly told them that when I listened to this song and I closed my eyes I hear my their spirit all through it It's as if Laura and Terrell are singing it just to me with Bishop's anointing! The runs, the praise, and the empowerment in the song touches my heart in such a special way that's almost beyond words. That's not a gift or a talent. That's not a beat, a rhythm, or a cord. That's not mere arrangement. That's anointing. Hallelujah. God I thank you. Bless these kids. Bless Elevation Church. Bless Steven Furtick. Bless the Body of Christ. God I love you. Thank you for your promises. Thank you for your faithfulness.


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