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I'm the one who dug this grave but you called my name.

I thought that I was too far gone for everything that I've done wrong. I'm the one who dug this grave but you called my name. -Lauren Daigle Listen! Listen to me. Well, listen to this song then listen to me! Christian music has found its Adele. If the genre was missing anything it was that and now we're good to go. My goodness this lady is the real deal. And more than anything she's a real worshipper. This is not a performance or an act. This is not a gig for her, this is what she was created to do and what she loves to do. There's something so authentic and beautiful about her music. The Lyrics this week grabbed me right in the chest. God so fully and deeply loves us that there is nothing we can do to get him to stop loving us. No matter how far we go and what lines we cross He loves us just as much He ever did. The idea itself is almost beyond our understanding. Even the most loving parent can reach their fill, but not our Heavenly Father. He never gives us what we deserve even when we dig our own grave that we have every right to be buried in. God is a not only a God of justice but of mercy. He sees the potential we have for good even when we're in a bad spot. Can you just pause one minute and think about someone who knows every crazy thought you've ever had, every lie you've ever told, and He loves you fully and unwavering?! He knows our nightmares and our fantasies and He's always right there. Every moment of every day caring for us protecting us (even from ourselves) and completely loving us. Whew, that's a lot! The song is called Still Rolling Stones and that's just another reason I gotta love this girl, she's clever. At first glance it makes think it's a reference to drugs which cracks me up. And if you don't believe me about the Adele reference please go right now and listen to the song First by Lauren Daigle. I promise after that you will understand. I am grateful that He is still rolling stones away in my life. Once upon a time my dreams died in corporate America. I was underpaid, underappreciated and I hated getting up in the morning Monday through Friday. I was miserable. But God had a better plan for me and a very unique way of shifting me to a better path. My place of transition just so happened to be a hospital bed. But in those still moments I had a little talk with Jesus and He made it right. He rolled the stone away so I could evolve into the best version of myself. Back to this amazing song... I mean is this just the best new age Easter speech or what! You do know what stone she is talking about right? You do know what grave she is talking about right? It's our Savior's resurrection, those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ. Jesus hung, blood, and died for us. Then in 3 days He rose again just like He said He would. And He is still speaking words over us today and performing them Himself. He has never changed. The great thing about it is He knew exactly what we would be, how we would act, and He still sacrificed Himself. He knew we would make bad decisions and go down crazy roads but He has never changed his mind about us. Not for one second! And He would have been totally justified if He did. But His grace and mercy kept Him on that cross and His purpose and glory brought Him out of that grave. Excuse me while I go somewhere and SHOUT!!! HALLELUJAH!!



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