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I know there must be more... But I can't get past Your kindness...

I know there must be more

But I can't get past Your kindness

I know there's got to be more

But I can't get past Your goodness

- Cory Asbury

I debated whether or not I was ever going to address a certain issue on this blog and I don't know what side of me won the debate... so I'll just say what my Dad says, what comes from the heart reaches the heart. It doesn't matter if the artist, leader or preacher shares my background or skin color. We don't even have to understand all of each other's outward expressions of praise, or lack thereof. If when you open your mouth you truly glorify God my spirit will click with that and you're okay with me. It's not about pomp and circumstance, it's not about form or fashion and it's certainly not about tradition. Years and years ago traditional religious people were so afraid of change and so bent on keeping the status quo that they killed Jesus. We see it today happening to leaders in churches and government and I'm sick of it. It's time to stop the divisiveness. It's time to come together and lift our Savior up. He said if we did that He would draw all men unto Him. Grandma said, I wonder who will help me lift Jesus? And Jesus said Himself in the Bible, "Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother!”

With that being said the local Christian radio station here keeps my life on track I'm telling you. I'm reminded of God's goodness, His kindness, His plan. When I listen to this music that may otherwise sound like pop, country, or Top 40 songs it gets to the heart of who I am as a woman that loves God. It challenges what I claim to like and sometimes it gut-punches me. I can't count how many serious worship encounters I've had in my car from these artists, my brothers and sisters, ministering to me from their story and revelation. I simply cannot get past God's goodness. He's so good to me that He would cause a man to write something so dear from the heart and set it to music. Then He has that man talk to producers and others to make sure it gets mastered and packaged to send out all over. Then He has someone here in my area listen and say this is what our audience needs to here. Then He has my sister fall in love and become an audience member first. Then He reels me in. He's just that good.

There was a time that I couldn't move past the country twang or lack of modulation. At that point I was only interested in a certain type of sound. But somehow as time went on my ear and my heart turned and I've never been the same. Music is a gift from God. Melody is truly from Heaven. I thank God that He kindly offers Himself to us in various forms and gives us the opportunity to get to experience Him on so many different levels. It really is phenomenal that someone who knows your darkest thoughts and every mistake that you will ever make never holds them against you and in fact loves you in spite of all that. He even goes as far as setting up mechanisms to teach us how to overcome our past and make better decisions. Not only is He a healer and a provider, a redeemer and a restorer. He knows what we need before we ever ask a thing. He's just so kind, He takes good care of all of us. atb

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