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I Can Only Imagine, When That Day Comes. And I Find Myself Standing In The Sun.

I can only imagine, when that day comes. And I find myself standing in the sun.

- Tamela Mann

Let me start by saying I love Tamela. I love David. I love Brown and Cora. Lol. I just don't love this song that much- at least not as much as everyone else. I didn't purchase it and I literally never pull this up on YouTube. In fact if it comes on I probably skip it. Is that bad?? The words paint an interesting picture, I'm just not a big fan of this particular tune. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm excited about Heaven, but I'm more excited about having a full and impactful life in the here and now. And after typing that my mind immediately went to Luther. God rest his soul. I might have to take a look at my boy here with you real soon. I digress.

Tamela Mann is an amazing vocalist. Most of us were first introduced to her in the 90's as a part of Kirk Franklin and The Family. She and David never left Kirk even with his transitions in style and group name. I really respect that. To me that signals loyalty and integrity. Tamela's live performances never disappoint. By the way neither does her wardrobe. Oo, that style makes me scream in delight . For whatever reason this song just is not it for me. It's like it was a great thought on paper, but when set to music it flopped for me.

I can appreciate what she's pondering because it's a beautiful vision to try to make sense of. Like I often do she's having an internal conversation out loud. I'm just not getting there with her. Maybe because I actually went to Heaven- at least the outer courts of our glorious future home. I got to experience it for myself. It was out of this world phenomenal! It really was beyond words. And this song does not quite match that. In that moment I was overcome with peace and joy. I felt pure delight from the inside out. I felt like everything was right and I was where I belong. In those brief moments there were no worries or fears. There were no devilish thoughts to combat. There was just delight.

One thing I loved about my short lived experience visiting Heaven was that I got a chance to cast off all the cares of the world and it was effortless. In everyday life it is a constant battle, a continuous tug of war. I have to be mindful and purposeful at all times so that I don’t give in to stress and overwhelm. I can't help but to be thankful that God has a system in place that we as believers can access when it comes to these issues. Many people don't understand, but it's US. We are to support each other in times like these. We are to fill in the gaps and hold up the sides that are falling or leaning. Pulling away and alienating yourself is the exact opposite of God's plan for us. I've found the cheat code. I've found out how to have a little piece of Heaven here on earth. And you don't have to be deathly ill to get it. I have shifted in my mindset where I'm not angry all the time at things going on around me like politics, sickness, and strife. I have leveled up in my thinking to go above those things and appreciate the miracles that I have lived to see. When I'm sharing with or encouraging others it reminds me of all the great things that I have going for myself. It makes me more grateful for my family who has been an amazing support system for me. And it helps me to see that God has strategically placed all these people and all these things in my life. He's so amazing and intentional I can hardly take it. Those real things that have been a part of my natural life really help me so much. Especially when things get tense. So that's what I like to meditate on. I'm not so preoccupied with Heaven because I have so much work to do- here and now. atb

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