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Gotta stop to love. And let's celebrate all the love we've got.

Gotta stop to love. And let's celebrate all the love we've got.

-Luther Vandross

As I said here before I am seriously contemplating going through and blogging about a whole album- or really going through an artist's catalog. Luther ranks among the very highest that would earn such a spot with me. It would give me a great honor to do this. He was my man, God rest his soul.

Stop To Love is such a cool song from back in the day when Luther and Patty and Anita and Dionne were the biggest things in R&B. I am a fan of them all. And I have to say that all of them were in the industry for decades and escaped scandal for the most part. That's rare these days. Also the music was actually good. It was good to dance and bop to, make love to, or just ride around in your car to. Just good stuff. Stuff that has lasted and will continue to do so. I can only hope that we can see a new season like this crop up sometime in the near future. I can only hope that soon we can talk about love and family and God in songs more than we talk about drugs and money and strippers. Would you listen to me sounding like somebody's Auntie! Probably because I am- 15 times to be exact. The babies know their music is trash for the most part.

But let's get back to our line and Luther. Like many Black people dreaming of love and amazing nuptials I once dreamed that Luther would perform at my wedding. But Mr. B took too long finding me and we weren't breaking off that kind of money yet, ok. Still it was splendid. A beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas with our family and friends, a great minister, and a phenomenal photographer. So so good. I had to stop to love like Luther instructs his friend in this song. I was busy for students of Los Angeles and busy for the Lord and quite frankly I was tired. The dating pool was shallow and full of crap. I mean that water was smelly and turning colors do you hear me? Lol! But I prayed earnestly and I talked to my godfather. I was over the single life.

I took some sage advice and I focused on being the right person more than I did looking for the right person and pretty soon in what looked like a chance meeting I encountered my Prince. Mr. B was the very good friend of my very good friend and we hit it off immediately. I never believed in love at first sight, but we both saw something in each other that first time we met. And think about it, had I not stopped what I was doing and shifted my focus this love would not have manifested for me when it did.

This song always reminds me of one of my dear college friends and sisters. She's one of the hardest working women I know. First of all she's brilliant. She has a discerning ear and easily sees steps ahead in situations. She's one you want to keep on your team. Ever since we met over 20 years ago she has set goals for herself and crushed every one. She stayed on the go working hard and playing hard. But I always cautioned her that she needed to slow down just a little but so she could have that sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love that we've talked about for years. I love my friend and she's surrounded by folks who celebrate and love her. I pray she has not given up on long lasting romantic love. I just wonder if she will stop. Will this become a real priority?

As I'm about to jump of here and onto the next project my thoughts are with those seeking. My advice: Love God first, yourself immediately after and take some time to stop and make room for the love you want love you want in your life. Stop.


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