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Go get out your feelings and get it yourself

Go get out your feelings and get it yourself. -Moneybagg Yo

Ok, so I have to say this is getting more and more fun. That's an added bonus I didn't budget for when taking on this project. I really love music- really love it. I love to sing and dance and ponder the thoughts and emotions behind the art. It really means a lot to me. Already through this work I am discovering that diving into this part of my psyche in this way is something that I need to engage in. It's like when we were in junior high and high school and we would listen to songs over and over again, even writing the lyrics down in a notebook so we could sing or rap along when they came on the radio. Sometimes my friends and I would recite lyrics we had memorized loud and proud as we walked home from school. To this day if it's a song I really like or a lyric I'm really feeling I "sing it like I wrote it." All the passion, all the aggression, all the emotion of those words pour out of me and when it does, it's LOUD.

Being able to share with you in this new way gives me joy. As for this particular lyric, song and artist, the passion and aggression are there and I'm here for it. The line is in Time Today, a single off of A Gangsta's Pain the fourth studio album by Moneybagg Yo. There are a couple things I didn't know when these words made my ears perk up. I knew of Moneybagg Yo being from Memphis like my husbae, but I had no idea he had been in the rap game for nearly ten years now or that he had already completed three studio albums. If you're interested the A Gangsta's Pain tour is happening. Right now it's set to kick off September in Tampa. In an interview this past spring right before the album dropped a journalist noted that Moneybagg has been able to make a living off sharing authentic stories that connect. He's been successful in doing so. I vibe with that on a whole different level.

In the entertainment industry people get paid a lot for performative antics and many times we have no idea who they really are. Moneybagg wanted this project to be real transparent as well as creative. I dig that. Many years ago I decided that I wouldn't make decisions in my life based on what other people felt or thought and for the most part that has served me well. But it was only a few years ago that I committed to show up fully. Me in every room and every situation I entered into. I had to get that myself. I had to tap into the original masterpiece side of me. Doing it the other way was killing me. Now I find joy in being completely transparent. I share the pain, trials and successes I've experienced and people connect with that. I look forward to encountering even more success as I have learned to shut down the comparative social nature so many of us fall prey to. After all comparison is the thief of joy.

In order to have the things I desire I have to push past negative inner thoughts and feelings. If I am not qualified I am going to do the work and go after what I want anyway. If I am told no I am going to do the work and go after what I want anyway. I will not seek approval or validation from anything that is not aligned with my standards and my purpose. And I will not be deterred by anything that doesn't look like my dream. atb

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