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All I want for Christmas is youuu... Babyyy

All I want for Christmas is youuu


- Mariah Carey

This is another classic. When I blast this song it feel like Christmas. Many have remade this song, but Mariah Carey's version has been my favorite for years. I could probably hear it 4-5 times in a row and not get tired of it. Is that weird? Even though personality wise Mariah can be problematic, (if we believe what the other blogs say) I can't deny her talent. Her range is sick. Those high notes can make you dizzy, and as an alto I really dig that. By the way did y’all peep the other day that LA Reid said that Beyonce and Mariah should have a Verzus battle? Insert eye roll here. I'm not even remotely interested in that. First it's a no brainer if we're talking about actual vocals. Mariah would have the competition in the bag easy. But he said something else that was interesting to me. LA said that he feels Mariah is underrated. I don't agree with that at all and nor did the people in the comments. I think Mariah is pretty universally respected for her vocals and her hits.

But back to the topic at hand- this amazing season we're in. Christmas is my favorite time of the year other than the global holiday known as my birthday. LOL. So I am usually super cheerful and super annoying all December. I think I get it from my mama. I love the lights and decorations and the songs- on repeat! Sometimes when you hear a song over and over it can make you hate it, especially while in a store or in an elevator right? Well strangely enough, it was during my one and only mall job where I really fell in love with this song.

During my junior year at Howard University I worked at Lerner, a woman's clothing store, in Wheaton Mall. When I was hired, the manager warned me that I would hate the music, but eventually I would learn to tune it out. She was only half right. Because it was playing all the time and I had to help customers I did tune the music out sometimes, but I loved it. Despite the lack of hip hop and R&B, I found myself singing along more often than not. This was especially true during the Christmas season. Of course there was more traffic in the store that time of year, so we stayed busy which made the time go by faster. I was greeted with more smiles and customers than other times of the year and I wasn't looked at weirdly when I danced and twirled around the store. Insert big smile. It was forever ago, but those were good times from my young life. During those times my biggest concern was getting to the train station on time so I didn't have to wait in the cold.

When I listen now I think back fondly on those times and a few different feelings come up. First of course is gratefulness for still being here. Sickness, heartache and none of the other trials of life took me out. And believe me they tried. But I'm still here! Next is shock, like where did the time go? I'm a Rich Auntie now with two generations behind me. I can hardly believe it. And the growth in my family pales in comparison to the growth in my life. There was a time when I wanted jewelry and bags and boots. Now all I want for Christmas is peace, love, and health. Truly. I have been blessed tremendously and I don't have a desire for frivolous material things; I have all that I need. Now all I want is to feel love and spread love.

Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours from Me and mine. Do know that I love you.


Dad and Daughter Hugging Each Other While Smiling

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