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All I wanna do is share my life with you I want your same ole love...

All I wanna do is share my life with you I want your same ole love

- Anita Baker

Anita Baker definitely ranks up there with the best of the best and the favorite of the favorites. Her voice is super soulful and just classic. Or should I say classy? She is such a classy lady. I can say that not because I know her personally but because I follow her on Twitter and even in the most ugly controversy or the most heated sports rival she always keeps her demeanor. I love this lady! She has become my auntie in my head and when I catch myself singing into my thumb as a microphone I sound just like her. LOL!!

Same ole love is legend. It is another hit that I sang at the tender age of 7 years old as if I was a middle aged woman who had actually lived and loved. I swayed my head and rocked my hips as if I knew that kind of love when I had no idea at all. I didn't really understand that love was an action word that took lots of hard work and commitment, especially for the long-lasting kind that is really fulfilling.

Now that I have lived and loved I know that it doesn't come with an instruction manual, you only find it through trial-and-error. Wise men and women before us have reminded us that love is action. We have to understand that it doesn't just happen we have to work at it every day. When you think of it bringing two people together from two different backgrounds it's only natural that there will be differing opinions. But we have to practice comfortable conflict, in other words we have to agree to disagree. We must understand that just because I may look at a situation differently than you doesn't mean that I see you differently.

I have to admit in my early dating life if I was with someone who had a really weird opinion it made me look at them a little differently. Then the Lord blessed me with a beautiful man who loves him first and loved me for me. And we could not be more different on some things. I mean this man eats sugar in his rice and salt in his grits! What in the world?! Team sugar grits over here OK. But we have gotten through that challenge and many others and have been able to maintain our same ole love. I definitely had my doubts that it would ever happen for me but it did. This is to Mr. B's credit. There were times when it was too much for me. Too much change. Too much thinking. I tried to escape. But that love just kept creeping back. (Thank God! ) And just in case someone is reading this that thinks love is just Valentine's Day and birthdays and anniversaries, read this twice. It is all of those things but what you really want is someone who will see you at your lowest and work their hardest to help pick you up. What you want is the person who will sit by your hospital bed and make sure that you are okay. What you want is more than cards and candy or even money and jewelry; what you want is a heart connection. And I'll go further than that- what you want is someone who won't allow you to bury your gifts or your talents. What you want is someone who will enable and even empower you to live full. That's the same ole love that I finally got- I needed it all along.


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