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All I do is win, win, win no matter what

All I do is win, win, win no matter what -T-Pain, Ludacris, DJ Khaled This man says, "We the best" and if the sales and radio rotation is any indication, he's probably right. No matter what you may feel you can't deny that DJ Khaled is a hitmaker. He had a consistent slew of wins that just can't be overlooked. And if I'm honest I don't hate him as a person. Some who rise to fame quickly and take over the headlines and radio waves become completely obnoxious and make you want to crawl under a rock to get away from them. I don't feel that way about Khaled. First of all he can walk different and talk different because he has worked with the biggest names in the business and has done it with success. So this song is absolutely true of his life from where I sit. And we can we talk for a minute about the collabs? Seriously. Ok once you get to the 8th, 9th, 10th ones it's probably easier to convince folks but those first few had to be tough. One thing for sure he has a gift. I don't know if it's his ears, his hands or both, but it's there. Others have seen it and trusted him and it's paid off. If you know anything about me you should know I find a message in anything. And after I'm done throwing my hands up and bopping my head, the message for me here is I'm ready to dig into my gift and my work. Soon others are gonna be blogging about my stuff. I went back to check my work and this is the first real club banger that I've had on the blog. I find that interesting and I'm now too far down the road to switch so here we are. It might have been nice if I planned it out and made it some sort of honor or recognition thing, but that didn't happen. I'm ok with that. This song gives me all party vibes and all energy and I love it. I particularly love when Ludacris ends his verse and runs it back "Cause all I do, all I, all I, all I, all I do is win" Woooooo! Even typing that I got hype. It took me back to Howard Homecoming, it took me back to, speeding down the highway blasting it, it took me back to making this my attitude. And this is totally my attitude. Not in an arrogant way. I'm not taking no for an answer, I'm not accepting failure, I'm not playing small and I'm not low balling myself anymore. I am going for the win. Every day. Every step. Every time. This is the formula: don't stop until we win. That's it. And as one of my sisters always says I want us all to win. There's enough shine for us all. We each have a purpose and specific work to accomplish during our time on this blue-green ball. If we're doing it right, we know that we get no days off. We have to live full and open at all times. And here's another secret that's how you get rid of bad days. I don't have bad days. I have days that build my character and fortitude, but I don't take days off and I don't have bad days. I'm in control. I have the authority to decide. The power lies with me so I stand firm that I cannot lose. And I'm sticking it out until I get the win. When it's over, it will be good. It will feel good and look good. And if it doesn't look or feel good right now then that means it's not over. And the good news is I get another shot at it. That attitude is a win. That's a sleeping-good-at-night attitude. That's a money in the bank attitude. That's a walking with my head held high attitude. WINNING!


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