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Ain't no clouds hanging over me. Something doesn't feel the same...

Ain't no clouds hanging over me Something doesn't feel the same The rest of my life gonna start today -Max Frost As tired as I am of the oversaturation of capitalism into every corner of our lives including ads everywhere- ads on TV, ads all over social media, ads popping up on our phones and texts. Sometimes I wanna yell, "MAKE IT STOP!" Every now and then there is an ad that will make me smile or even dance. Our lyrics today come from a song that I first discovered in an Old Navy ad. As I type this I'm only now making the connection that a cool new outfit can definitely make you feel like a fresh start. That's pretty clever. I was so taken by the song and so excited to talk to you about it that I never thought about the actual message that the company was trying to get across. Ah, well... here we are. A brand new day, a brand new week and if we want a brand new You and Me. A brand new Us. We can get off the merry-go-round, we can break the cycle, we can be new. Right now today. And as quiet as it's kept we can do it without a new haircut or a new outfit. We can splash some water on our faces, step outside and get some fresh air coupled with some sun and we can do this. We can be what we always wanted. Unless what you always wanted to be is an NBA player or rapper or rapper's girlfriend. Actually, that last thing is probably still doable but complicated nonetheless, but I digress. I read a post from a colleague the other day that was a smack in my face so I am going to drop some tips in here for you to soothe my own soul. Before I do that I might as well tell you what he said right? He said if as a speaker (and coach) I tell you why you need to do something without telling you how to do it I have done a disservice. Ouch. I like to think I do a mixture of both. But I think I am definitely heavier on the what and why. So with that here are some how's below. Tee's Tips 5 things to do today to start living the life you want and not the life you have: 1. Give yourself permission to change. The old you wasn't the best version so it's OK to upgrade. 2. Start with one small habit change. It might be the types of things you're reading or watching on TV. It could be how much time you spend on social media. Make the one small adjustment and branch off from there. 3. Apologize to someone you've hurt. Ooo this is a big one. Don't be afraid though this is necessary for healing. There's someone you've hurt in the past. It may have happened last night. A sincere apology for how you acted will be freeing for you and the other person. 4. Set one brand new goal. A fresh start begins with new ideas not recycled relics of vision boards past. Get something new on paper and start moving towards it. 5. Get yourself an accountability partner. This is going to be a game changer for you. Get someone you trust that will be honest with you, hold your hand and hold your feet to the fire. This friend, coach, or mentor will support you when you fall into old habits or come up short on milestones to your goals. I'm excited for this new you! And I'm thumbing my nose at the guy that pushed me into this vein in the first place. But guess what? There's no time like right now today to get started with this. Max Frost told us when the rest of life starts. It's not tomorrow. Tomorrow may never get here (yes I know that's an entirely different song!) I'm about to sign off very pleased with what I've shared here today. I challenge you as you go through the steps above and make your list go onto YouTube and listen to this song. Your mood will instantly change and I think you'll be motivated to go after a new experience. My Dad always says morning is not a time on a clock it's when you decide to wake up. So I'll say to you, Good morning! atb

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