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Have you ever thought about what happens when this life is over?


Hundreds of pills and thousands of dollars in doctor bills left a tired patient with more questions than answers as she lay in a hospital bed facing certain death.


Before Artisha T. Bolding became a speaker and empowerment coach she was the sassy lady working on a construction site leading a double life. She had been called contradictory before. Hood but good. Street but sweet. Ratchet but righteous.


When her health and her marriage took a turn for the worse Artisha was in a fight for her life.


In this case, near death gave birth to a new existence.


The Patient Is Wearing Lipstick chronicles Artisha’s journey from ICU to rising influencer. Between these covers you will:


● Unlock your ability to live a life of purpose and influence


● Uncover life-saving tips for dealing with healthcare professionals


● Uncross your wires to avoid pitfalls in your romantic relationships


God never wastes your pain. When you center yourself, get ready to turn that pain into purpose. The Patient Is Wearing Lipstick is sure to fuel your fire for conquering challenges in your health, career, relationships and more: TODAY!


Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping Please take into account prospectivedelays due to Covid-19 protocols

The Patient Is Wearing Lipstick

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