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Journal For Your Journey: 31 Days of Prayer to Center Your Soul 

The NEW Guided Prayer Journal by Artisha "Tee" Bolding is NOW AVAILABLE in an E-BOOK on the top sites Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

Journal For Your Journey is a guided prayer journal based on Biblical teachings. There are daily prayers covering various topics ranging from healing and safety to power and guidance. For an entire month there is a different prayer focus each day and Bible reference for additional study. Included here is also a prompt to assist in the daily journaling. From a wealth of teaching from her spiritual parents and mentors, Artisha has included some powerful petitions to God that will help restructure your study and meditation time to get understanding and results!

Are you ready to go on a Journey?

There's a great destiny waiting for you as soon as you begin to center your thoughts and center your soul. God is equipping you with all you need to journey this path to renewed faith and realized dreams. He's giving revelation, elevation, expectation, and preparation. The next 31 days will transform your prayer life and highlight your path to Destiny and Purpose.

Speak God's Word over your life in prayer and watch the blessings manifest before your eyes!


Order Your PRINT Copies Today!


Journal For Your Journey

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