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There's something about the name Jesus

There's something about the name Jesus

-Rance Allen

Let me start this one off by dropping a Fun Fact on you. I always wanted to sing background for Rance Allen. I loved this man from the very first moment I heard him on the mic. His voice hit me like a good Pentacostal or Baptist preacher. For those non-church-goers reading this I'm referring to when the preacher gets really excited and his voice goes up several octaves. It stirs something in you. Like think of the first time you heard an amazing drummer or a wonderful piano player. Your eyes dialte and your ears perk up. That's what Rance Allen does for me. I was so sad to hear of his passing this year as I truly connected with his music and his heart. I thought I knew him well, but I had no idea that he was an ordained bishop until talks of his life and death made the news.

That would have been an amazing journey to travel with Bishop and sing and minister to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. In my younger days I definitely thought I could keep up with him. Just give me some hot tea and I can run and ad lib with the best of them. I can hit you with the alto or the tenor, yes I can. Mr. B always laughs when I'm singing around the house and I go for the really low note. We both get tickled about it. It would have been a grand time. And maybe, just maybe I would have gotten some good old school wisdom from him like he drops in this song. The older saints really know how to connect with God. Most of the time they're not caught up in material things, but they know how priceless a real peace of mind is. They know that nothing beats sweet rest at night. That comes from linking up with Jesus for real, not for form or fashion at church or at a concert.

In this song Rance Allen teamed up with another of my favorites Kirk Franklin who we talked a little about a couple of weeks ago. And in this very moment I just laughed out loud because I remembered that one of my Aunties calls him Ranch Allen. Like Ranch dressing. That is hilarious.! LOL. Let's get back on track. This is another song that takes me through a bunch of emotions and I'm so into it. The doo-wop part makes me laugh and sing along, when Bishop hits his high notes my spirit leaps, and when I pause a moment and think of what the name of Jesus has done for me I melt into a puddle of tears. Jesus is sweet. He's mighty. He's loving. He's a warrior. He's never ever seen me without. In times past when I pouted because I couldn't get my way, things turned out even better in the long run. When I meditate on His name and rest in Him, I find my greatest joy and surest safety.

There is no peace greater than the peace of knowing someone ALWAYS has your back. There is no better feeling than knowing there is someone who will NEVER let you down. He won't make you relive past mistakes. He won't roll His eyes or call you out of your name. He's just that good. He is Love and Light. And all power is in His name. His name is like a blank check. In His name I can create my future. In His name I can achieve my goals. In His name I can build a legacy and leave a mark in this world. The longer I live and the more I get to know this Awesome God I serve and His three persons- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the more I have access to. I don't have to be fearful or anxious because God has already set things in order. I don't have to be rude or belligerent because God speaks for me. I don't have to plot or scheme because God already has a good plan for me. And it all happens in the name of Jesus. Praise you and bless you Jesus. Glory to your name Jesus.


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